What is a Draft Team Break ?

A Draft team break is similar to a random team break with only a couple of minor differences. Instead of being allocated a random team from a randomiser we randomise our break list (The order that you bought your original spots) and that gives us our "DRAFT ORDER". In our interactive chat you will then draft your team for the Break going down the DRAFT "ORDER".

What are my shipping option for the Live Breaks ?

There are 2 options to get your break cards shipped to you. The first option is the flat rate fee of $8 for tracked shipping when you checkout when purchasing your spot for the Break. Or there is the saved cards shipping option. This is where we store your cards safely here at our facility until you are ready to pay for them to be shipped to you. This is a great way to save on shipping and build up a few breaks worth of cards before paying for shipping. This method is designed to help you guys save money and not have to buy shipping every break.

How do I get my cards shipped if I chose saved cards shipping at checkout ?

Again there are 2 options if you chose to store you cards with us after the break. There is an option in the "LIVE BREAKS" section of our webstore called "SAVED CARDS SHIPPING" which is a flat rate of $9 and we ill ship out all stored cards here to you or alternatively you can purchase shipping with your next spot in one of our upcoming Breaks and at the conclusion of that Break we will ship that Breaks cards alongside any other cards you have stored here with us to you.